Time please slow down! 

Time had gone too slowly for so long before Emelia’s arrival. I felt like I was constantly counting weeks which started when I became pregnant with Lucas. We would say each week ‘only so many weeks to go until the baby arrives’. Then after Lucas died it changed into ‘it’s been so many weeks since we lost Lucas’. Then when I got pregnant with Emelia we were back to counting how many weeks pregnant I was and how long it was until her arrival! If only time went so slowly since she arrived…… 

Since Emelia has been born it’s like I’ve blinked and now here we are, 4 months later! People always said that time would go fast but I didn’t expect it to go quite this fast. I mean I’m back to work in 2 months time!!! What is that all about?! I thought my time off would seem to last forever but I know I’ll be back before I know it. The last four months with Emelia have been amazing. She really does amaze us everyday with her development and her ever growing character. She is such a cheeky little girl & we wouldn’t change her for the world. I just looked back on all Emelia’s milestone card photographs we have taken so far and it’s crazy how she has changed already. I wanted to share with you all too! Enjoy…… 

Newborn ❤️   


   Although it’s a tough time for us without Lucas here at Christmas time, we are still looking forward to Emelia’s first Christmas. I am sure it will be magical! We can’t wait to see how much she changes over the next month as well! 

Thanks for reading, Abi.x 



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